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My name is Carl and I started this blog to share my passion about birds and wildlife photography. I hope to share my special memories and incredible sightings of most magnificent birds I have seen on my travels. Hope you will find joy and inspiration from here.


Of the over 800 species of birds that inhabit the U.S., only 28 have received the honor of being selected within the 50 states. Some birds are obviously more popular than others. Just over half of the states share the same bird with one or more states. Find out what they are ...








Identify birds of North America (East)

This video is a reference, a short visual guide that shows several common birds that you can meet in your backyard in Northeastern America.

This video does not include shore birds, ducks, birds of prey, or warblers that are found less frequently in our back yard.


Annie G / Oiseaux et nature

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Birds in Focus

Imperial Woodpecker

The Imperial Woodpecker of Mexico, critically endangered or extinct, is (was) the largest woodpecker in the world. This bird has inhabited the Sierra Madre Occidental in Western Mexico in the past, but there have been no recent confirmed sightings at all, making the bird even rarer, or more probably extinct than even the a relative of the Imperial’s. 

Bird Watching At Home- Where to Begin?

Anyone can enjoy birds year round. Even an apartment dweller in a big, busy city can invite birds into the environment by hanging a bird feeder outside the window or putting one on the windowsill.

Share birding experiences with friends and family. Starting a child on the adventure of bird watching will result in a lifetime of enjoyment. Feeding and helping birds and wildlife is just as beneficial for humans and our beautiful planet as it is for the birds.

Everyone must do their part to protect backyard birds from predators.

When homeowners encourage birds to visit their backyards, they often overlook the fact that they are providing an easy meal for predators.


Bird Bath

Every birdwatching enthusiast knows that a bird bath (or 2, or 3, or 4) is an essential part of any bird-friendly garden.

Birds truly value the opportunity to cleanse their feathers of dust and mite buildup that can hinder flight and health.