Birding Washington County, Oregon

Washington County is the 6th smallest of Oregon's 36 counties, yet 2nd most populous.

Annotated checklist of the Birds of Washington County Microsoft Word document.

Site Guides
Fernhill Wetlands, Forest Grove, Oregon, 13 November 2002, photo by Greg Gillson

Where to watch birds in Washington County

Bird Finding
Tundra Swan, Fernhill Wetlands, Forest Grove, Oregon, 23 December 2002, photo by Greg Gillson

Finding special birds in Washington County

Acorn Woodpeckers All known nesting or granary tree sites in the county.

Local Birding
American Kestrel, Fernhill Wetlands, Forest Grove, Oregon, 1 November 2003, photo by Greg Gillson

Common yard birds of western Oregon Flashcards by

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County listing records

2007 Big Day narrative and photos: 119 species!

2006 Big Day narrative: 123 species! Microsoft Word document.

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Tualatin River Watershed Council

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Hillsboro Park & Recreation

Hare Canyon State Park (proposed)

Banks-Vernonia State Trail

Bird Sightings

Recent county sightings gadget eBird reports for last 7 days

Bird Highlights: An updated account and photo archive of noteworthy birds in Washington County.

Bird Highlights: 2011

Bird Highlights: 2010

Bird Highlights: 2009

Bird Highlights: 2008

Bird Highlights: 2007

Bird Highlights: 2006

Field Notes: Spring 2004 Washington County bird records March-May, 2004

At last! A field guide with only the birds found in Oregon! Birds of Oregon, 2003, by Burrows and Gilligan.

A web site on birds and birding for bird watchers and nature lovers in the northwestern Oregon communities of Beaverton, Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Tophill, Timber, Gaston, Banks, North Plains, Cornelius, Scholls, Somerset, Cedar Mill, Aloha, Sherwood, Tualatin, Tigard, Garden Home, Durham, Roy, King City, Farmington, Dilley, Blooming, Reedville, West Slope, West Union, Progress, Metzger, Orenco, Raleigh Hills, Sherwood, Buxton, Manning, Glenwood.