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Site Guide: Fernhill Wetlands, Forest Grove, Washington County, Oregon

Fernhill Wetlands
Fernhill Wetlands. Photo April 2003 by Greg Gillson. Click for larger view.
Submitted by: Greg Gillson on Thursday, February 12, 2004

Site: Fernhill Wetlands

Site Ownership: City of Forest Grove

General directions: Hwy 47 south out of the center of Forest Grove 1/4 mile to Fernhill Road. Free parking area.

Habitats: Diked ponds and marshes.

Best season: Fall through Spring

Comments: Winter waterfowl include regular rarities such as Trumpeter Swan, Greater Scaup, Eurasian Wigeon. Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser are year-round residents. Cinnamon Teal summer. Perhaps 25 species of ducks, geese, and swans are regular.

Resident Bald Eagles. Regular Peregrine Falcons and Merlins in migration and winter. Red-shouldered Hawk rare, but regular, in fall.

Shorebirds on mudflats July-November, often including rarites such as Sharp-tailed, Baird's, Stilt, and Semipalmated Sandpipers.

Virginia Rails and Sora are common summer visitors. Various herons and egrets are frequent.