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Finding Yellow-breasted Chat in Washington County, Oregon

Submitted by: Greg Gillson on Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Site: Tanner Creek, Hagg Lake, Scoggins Valley Park

Site ownership: Washington County, fee area

General directions: 5 miles west of Gaston to Hagg Lake and Scoggins Valley Park fee booth. The about 3 miles, staying to the right on the northeast side of the lake. Just before the mouth of Tanner Creek is a long area of lakeside parking.

Specific directions: The chats are loud singers in the maples along the lake edge. They can be heard on a quiet morning 1/4 mile or more (before the boats start motoring around).

Season: Breed May-June.

Hazards: Arrive early, before the rush of people. Bring mosquito repelent if hiking any of the lakeside trails in June.