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Finding Hutton's Vireo in Washington County, Oregon

Submitted by: Greg Gillson on Sunday, March 21, 2004

Bird: Hutton's Vireo

County: Washington

Site: Johnson Road

General directions: Staleys Junction (Buxton) Hwy 26 to Hwy 47 towards Vernonia 7.0 miles. 1.0 miles past Tophill Tailhead of Banks-Vernonia State Park (rest room here). Turn west onto Johnson Road.

Specific directions: The vireos like the dense 15-year old regrowing Douglas-fir when edged with more open deciduous woods. Listen for buzzy "zu-weep" song throughout day (and year). Respond readily to "pishing" and pygmy owl toots. Found along entire road, but most common about 1.5 miles in, then on right fork side road.

Season: Resident, but most conspicuous March-June