Washington County, Oregon, Bird Highlights: 2007

Interesting birds reported from Washington County, Oregon. New updates are added to the top of the page, thus the year tends to run backwards from top to bottom. The status of birds given is only for Washington County, unless specified otherwise.

For a general status of the birds of the county, please see
Checklist of the Birds of Washington County
by Greg Gillson.

The idea for this page copies that of Don Roberson for Monterey County, California (for example, http://montereybay.com/creagrus/MTY_2004.html). Text below by Greg Gillson. Photos on this page are copyrighted by the photographers and may not be used elsewhere without their direct permission (but you already knew that, didn't you?).

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Washington County, Oregon, Bird Highlights: 2006

December 2007:

Red-shouldered Hawk. Photo by Greg Gillson
Red-shouldered Hawk, Fernhill Wetlands, 20 December 2007, by Greg Gillson

The juvenile Red-shouldered Hawk remained from October at Fernhill Wetlands and was seen December 8 and 20 by Greg Gillson.

Four Eurasian Collared-Doves were at Roy on December 9 by Lars Norgren. Are these the same birds seen nearby at Banks and Verboort since July, or different ones?

A pair of uncommon Common Goldneyes were at Fernhill Wetlands on December 20 (Bill Clemons).

The 10th county record, and 3rd this year, a rare Prairie Falcon was south of Banks on December 21 where Lars Norgren spotted it. The same bird was also recorded December 22 on the Forest Grove CBC (See January and November reports.)

A family of Trumpeter Swans were in the large wintering Tundra Swan flock on Golf Course Road, south of Cornelius, on December 21. These are rare, but regular, winter visitor.

A Rough-legged Hawk was at West Union December 20-24 (Mike Marsh, David Smith, Greg Gillson).

The Forest Grove Christmas Bird Count was conducted December 22. The 23 participants recorded 101 species, plus 6 count week species. Noteworthy birds included first count records of a rare Ross's Goose (3rd County record, Tim Janzen, Jay Withgott) at Jackson Bottom and later near Roy, and 9 Eurasian Collared-Doves, which seem to be established as a resident now in Verboort. Second count records included two additional rare birds, Golden Eagle (9th County record, Jon Plissner, Pam Johnston) near Cherry Grove and a Prairie Falcon near Roy. High counts included 30,071 Northern Pintail, 11,101 Cackling Goose, 1,234 American Robin. Another high number was the amazing 121 Western Meadowlark; these are rather rare birds in the county, and no longer nest. Other good birds include 2 Black-crowned Night-Heron,

November 2007:

Snow Goose. Photo by Greg Gillson
Snow Goose, Fernhill Wetlands, 11 November 2007, by Greg Gillson
White-throated Sparrow. Photo by Greg Gillson
White-throated Sparrow, Fernhill Wetlands, 24 November 2007, by Greg Gillson
Glaucous Gull. Photo by Greg Gillson
Glaucous Gull, Fernhill Wetlands, 24 November 2007, by Greg Gillson

The 3 Snow Geese from October 28 were spotted again November 3, increased to 4 on November 10 (Stefan Schlick) and 5 on November 11 (Greg Gillson).

On November 19 David Smith spotted 35 Snow Geese mixed in with "a couple thousand" Cackling Geese in the back fields of Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

Two Black-crowned Night-Herons were spotted by Lars Norgren at Fernhill Wetlands on November 5, but not thereafter. This is the first county report of the year, and the first here in 18 months, since the 4 that wintered November to March in 2005-2006.

Jon Plissner spotted a rare Prairie Falcon at Fernhill Wetlands on November 13. This is the 9th county record. (See January report.)

Mike Marsh spotted a Barn Owl at Dawson Creek Corporate Park, Hillsboro on November 13. This species has been a bit harder to find in the county in recent years.

The adult and 1st winter Bonaparte's Gulls remained from October. Both were seen November 3 (Jon Plissner, Stefan Schlick), the adult only on November 10 (Jon Plissner), and only the juvenile on November 11 (Greg Gillson, Lars Norgren).

On November 10 Stefan Schlick spotted an Eared Grebe and the continuing Pacific Loon at Hagg Lake (see October reports).

Apparently, a single Red-shouldered Hawk remained at Fernhill Wetlands since October, if not August, and was spotted by Jon Plissner on November 3, Stefan Schlick on November 10, Greg Gillson on November 17 and 24 (see August, October, and December reports).

Leslie Meserve spotted a Common Goldeneye at Fernhill Wetlands on November 23. This is a rare annual winter visitor.

Dennis Manzer spotted a flock of 10 Sandhill Cranes over Beaverton on November 22. This seems late for fall migrants, perhaps the wintering flock on Sauvie Island, about 15 miles to the north, was just circling around in the clear skies.

Numerous Pine Siskins and Red Crossbills were in the hills both near Timber on November 22 and at the new Stub Stewart State Park near Buxton on November 23 (Greg Gillson). Several hard calls of the larger-billed crossbill form normally found from the Cascade crest eastward were heard among the predominant small-billed "Sitka" form expected west of the Cascades.

A first winter Glaucous Gull was at Fernhill Wetlands on November 24 (Greg Gillson). This is the 10th known record for the county.

October 2007:

Ruff. Photo by Greg Gillson
Ruff, Fernhill Wetlands, 13 October 2007, by Greg Gillson
Red-necked Grebe. Photo by Greg Gillson
Red-necked Grebe, Hagg Lake, 27 October 2007, by Greg Gillson
Eurasian Collared-Dove. Photo by Greg Gillson
Eurasian Collared-Dove, Verboort, 13 October 2007, by Greg Gillson

Mike Marsh discovered the county's third, and this fall's second Ruff at Fernhill Wetlands (see August report). It was very cooperative, and remained from October 12-20 (Mike Marsh, Stefan Schlick, John Rakestraw).

Up to 4 Eurasian Collared-Doves are resident now at Verboort (see July report). They were seen October 13 (John Gatchet, Greg Gillson), October 20 (Stefan Schlick), October 21 (Paul Sullivan, Carol Karlen).

As last year, high numbers of Surf Scoters were found again this fall at Hagg Lake. These constitute the highest numbers ever found inland in Oregon. Shawneen Finnegan counted 24 on October 15. Jay Withgott counted 24 on October 16. Stefan Schlick reported 55+ on October 20. Carol Karlen found 118 on October 21. Jeff Gilligan and Shawneen Finnegan counted 68 birds on October 26. Greg Gillson found only 11 on October 27 and nearly missed these as they flew by. Damian Wulf saw about 25 birds on October 28.

With only 4 records from 2000-2006, the two Red-necked Grebes at Hagg Lake on October 27 (Greg Gillson) were amazingly the third record for this year. These or another two were at Fernhill Wetlands and seen by Monika Wieland on October 30 (see September and February reports)!

Rare but annual, two Bonaparte's Gulls were at Hagg Lake on October 20-21 (Stefan Schlick, Carol Karlen). An adult was at Fernhill Wetlands on October 25 (Jon Plissner) and was joined by a 1st winter bird from October 30 into November (Monika Wieland, Jon Plissner).

Rare annual fall migrants, Shawneen Finnegan reported 3 Eared Grebes at Hagg Lake on October 15. Carol Karlen spotted one there on October 21. Stefan Schlick found one there on October 28. Jon Plissner spotted one at Fernhill Wetlands on October 18.

Nearly annual, up to two Clark's Grebes were at Fernhill Wetlands from October 21-24 (Erik Knight, Greg Gillson, PAS RBA) (See February report).

As normal, single Red-shouldered Hawks were at Jackson Bottom Wetlands and Fernhill Wetlands October 12-13 (Greg Gillson).

Tracking Lesser Yellowlegs, all reports from Fernhill Wetlands: 1 October 16 (Jay Withgott), 3 on October 19 (Jon Plissner), 1 on October 20 (John Rakestraw), 1 on October 22 (Lars Norgren, Greg Gillson). This species has been hard to find throughout the West for 2 years, with no large numbers as formerly.

Not seen every year (and unrecorded last year), a Pacific Loon was on Hagg Lake from October 27-28 (Greg Gillson, Stefan Schlick) into November for the second record this year (See May report).

Snow Geese arrived, including 1 on October 6 (Stefan Schlick), 2 on October 18 (Chris Warren), and 3 on October 28 (Stefan Sclick).

September 2007:

Red-necked Grebe. Photo by Greg Gillson
Red-necked Grebe, Fernhill Wetlands, 8 September 2007, by Greg Gillson
Yellowlegs. Photo by Greg Gillson
Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Fernhill Wetlands, 26 September 2007, by Greg Gillson

An occassional visitor, not recorded every year, a Red-necked Grebe was at Fernhill Wetlands on September 8 by Greg Gillson (See February report).

Tracking Lesser Yellowlegs, Erik Knight found one at Fernhill Wetlands on September 2 (See July report). Two were at Fernhill Wetlands on September 18 (Chris Warren). One at Fernhill Wetlands on September 26 (Greg Gillson).

Rather rare in fall migration, a Solitary Sandpiper was at Jackson Bottom Wetlands on September 2 (Erik Knight).

August 2007:

Ruff. Photo by Greg Gillson
Ruff at Tualatin River NWR, August 10 by Greg Gillson

Erik Knight found an adult Ruff at Tualatin River NWR on August 9. It was subsequently seen by many people through August 12. This is only the second County record. The previous record was a juvenile found in September and remaining nearly through October 2000 at Fernhill Wetlands.

Paul Sullivan found two Long-billed Curlews at Tualatin River NWR on August 11. This is at least a 5th County record.

Stefan Schlick reported a Brewer's Sparrow at Fernhill Wetlands on August 12. This is a First County Record! There were several reports west of the Cascades during the week.

A Semipalmated Sandpiper was reported at Fernhill Wetlands on August 12 (Stefan Schlick). This is the first report of the year, slightly below average for recent years.

On August 22 Shawneen Finnegan reported one Wilson's Phalarope at Fernhill Wetlands. This is the 4th record of the year, and the second of fall, somewhat more than average (see May, June, and July highlights).

Jacob Gravelink spotted a Buff-breasted Sandpiper at Fernhill Wetlands on August 27. This is only the second county record.

As typical in fall, Red-shouldered Hawks were reported starting with one at Fernhill Wetlands on August 17 (Greg Gillson) and one at Tualatin River NWR on August 30 (John Rakestraw).

Tom Love reports a female Costa's Hummingbird at the Tualatin River NWR on August 17. There are at least 5 other records of this species, with no discernable pattern to their occurrence. There are two over-wintering birds (November to March and December to March), two spring records (May and June) and two fall records (this one in August and one in September). Rather common, immature Anna's Hummingbirds can provide an identification challenge to tell them from Costa's.

July 2007:

American Wigeon. Photo by Greg Gillson
American Wigeon hen at Jackson Bottom Wetlands, July 27, by Greg Gillson
American Wigeon. Photo by Greg Gillson
American Wigeon chicks at Jackson Bottom Wetlands, July 27, by Greg Gillson

A first county breeding record of American Wigeon was a hen and 6 chicks seen at Jackson Bottom Wetlands July 21 (Greg Gillson). Dennis Manzer was able to observe them on July 22. Cursory research finds no breeding records of this species in all of western Oregon. Amazingly, two hens with 5 and 6 chicks were there on July 30! A rare annual summer visitor within the county, an American Wigeon was at Tualatin River NWR from July 19 to August 4+, but with no evidence of breeding activity (Erik Knight, Greg Gillson).

There has been a dearth of reports of migrant Lesser Yellowlegs in Oregon starting in spring 2006. Greg Gillson can report one that woke him from sleep in the wee hours of July 17 over downtown Hillsboro, not far from Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

At least 5 broods of Gadwall were at Fernhill Wetlands on July 21 (Greg Gillson). There were also several other older juveniles or eclipse adults. Some broods were seen in June, but many chicks aren't noted until August. Now annual, these first began breeding in Washington County here in 2001, and every year since 2003, with a maximum of 8 broods seen at once here at Fernhill Wetlands in mid July 2005. Hens with chicks were also noted this summer at Jackson Bottom Wetlands and Tualatin River NWR.

A Wilson's Phalarope was spotted at Jackson Bottom Wetlands on July 21 (Dennis Manzer). This is an unusual "fall" record, and the third report of the year, which seems a typical number of sightings of this rather rare annual migrant. (See May and June reports.) [See August report.]

Double-crested Cormorant. Photo by Greg Gillson
Double-crested Cormorant summering at Fernhill Wetlands, July 4, by Greg Gillson

For the first time known in the county, a Double-crested Cormorant is summering at Fernhill Wetlands. It was seen again July 4 by Greg Gillson (See May report).

The only reliable location for Cassin's Vireo in Washington County is at Hagg Lake at Lee Road. Greg Gillson found at least 5 of these rare summer resident birds there on July 7, perhaps a family group. Lars Norgren heard one on Hayward Road about July 1, and located a territorial bird at Manning on July 7 & 10. Most Cassin's Vireos are detected in May and are presumed migrants.

A Common Nighthawk was over a clear cut 3 miles above Hagg Lake on Scoggins Valley Road on July 7 (Greg Gillson). This is only the second report of the year, as seems typical now for this rare annual breeding species (See June report).

Greg Gillson found a group of 3 Purple Martins on Stepien Road again July 7 (See June report). There are now at least 10 definite records of this occasional migrant and possible summer resident for the county, with sightings going back over 100 years.

A pair of Eurasian Collared Doves were at Banks on July 2 (Lars Norgren). They could not be relocated on July 4. These constitute the 3rd county record.

Two or three Eurasian Collared Doves were at Verboort on July 15 (Greg Gillson) for a 4th county record. These are less than 1/4 mile from last year's August-October apparent breeding pair. Local residents indicated that these may have been around for a while, though there are numerous Rock Pigeons and Mourning doves in the neighborhood, too.

June 2007:

The first report of Common Nighthawk this spring was one heard over downtown Hillsboro in the predawn of June 23 (Greg Gillson). [See July report.]

A Northern Goshawk carrying food flew across Hwy 26 at Manning on June 15, as reported to Lars Norgren (See May report).

Lars Norgren heard the resident Barred Owl at Manning just after midnight on June 17 (See May report).

Khanh Tran reported hearing a Dusky Flycatcher on Johnson Road near Tophill on the road to Vernonia on June 8. It could not be relocated 3 days later. This is the 5th county record.

On June 4 Greg Gillson saw a pair of Wilson's Phalarope at Fernhill Wetlands (See May report). This is only the second report this spring, as typical. [See July and August reports.]

Continuing the reports of Red Crossbills in the lowlands are Leslie Meserve's report of 30-50 birds in the cottonwoods at Fernhill Wetlands on June 3 (See May report).

Leslie Meserve spotted a rare annual migrant Bonaparte's Gull as it flew over Fernhill Wetlands on June 3 (See April report).

A pair of Black-necked Stilts were at Fernhill Wetlands on June 3 (Leslie Meserve). This is an amazing third report this spring and only about the 12th county record (See April and May reports).

Several Purple Martins were reported in June. Though less than 10 specific records for the county, this must be considered an occasional to rare summer resident, probably breeding each year in some mountain clear cuts within the county. On June 1 Lars Norgren saw one near Manning. On June 16 Greg Gillson found a group of 9 in a snag on Stepien Road above Hagg Lake, and 4 more down at Hagg Lake at the mouth of Tanner Creek. [See July report.]

May 2007:

The rare resident Barred Owl on Hayward Road called again May 28 (Lars Norgren).

Another rare resident, a Northern Goshawk flew across Hayward Road on May 25, as reported to Lars Norgren.

Two Wilson's Phalarope were at the Tualatin River NWR on May 24 where Erik Knight spotted them. They are rare annual visitors. [See June, July, and August reports.]

David Crisman reported a Spotted Owl on Timber Road on May 26. There are no recent definite reports for the county. Barred Owl would have to be considered more likely. Either way, an interesting report.

A Double-crested Cormorant at Fernhill Wetlands was late on May 31 when spotted by Greg Gillson. Common in winter, they arrive earlier each fall and remain later each spring.

Townsend's Solitaire. Photo by Greg Gillson
Townsend's Solitaire near Timber on 18 May 2007, by Greg Gillson

Townsend's Solitaires are rare summer residents in brushy clearings within the Coast Range forests. Greg Gillson found two pairs of birds near Timber on May 18.

Red Crossbills have been common in the lowlands this spring. Birds were reported at Hagg Lake on May 5 (David Crisman). Three to 8 at Tualatin Hills Nature Park May 8, 9, 16, 23, 24 (Greg Gillson, Erik Knight). There were 35 birds at Reeher Camp near Timber on May 18 (Greg Gillson). One bird was at the Tualatin River NWR on May 24 (Erik Knight). Up to 12 birds at Fernhill Wetlands on May 31 and 2 were nearby at Jackson Bottom Wetlands (Greg Gillson).

A flock of about 12 Black Swifts flew low over Hillsboro during unsettled weather on the evening of May 20 and were spotted by Greg Gillson.

A Western Meadowlark in West Union may the first evidence of breeding in Washington County in at least 15 years. Lars Norgren reported a singing bird on May 19.

A migrant Swainson's Hawk over Jackson Bottom on May 11 by Bill Tice is possibly the first county record. There is one uncertain report from late November 2002.

Two Black-necked Stilts at Fernhill Wetlands on May 10-11 found by Bill Tice constitute the 11th county record (See April report). [See June report.]

Bill Tice found a Pacific Loon at Hagg Lake on May 10, the latest spring date for the county.

Greg Gillson found 5 Solitary Sandpipers and one Baird's Sandpiper up Killin road near Narup Road near Killin Wetlands on May 5. Baird's is a rare migrant, spring and fall.

There were several reports this spring of Nashville Warblers. This is a rare migrant species that formerly bred in Coast Range clear cuts and openings. Mike and MerryLynn Denny and John Gatchett found 2 around Hagg Lake on May 5. Ben Young and David Crisman also found one at Hagg Lake.

John Gatchett, Mike Denny, and MerryLynn Denny set a new county Big Day record with 124 species on 5 May 2007, edging last year's team by one species.

April 2007:

Greater Scaup. Photo by Greg Gillson
A pair of Greater Scaup (right) with a female Lesser Scaup (left) at Fernhill Wetlands on 22 April 2007, by Greg Gillson

As usual, a few spring Greater Scaup were reported. Eight birds were at Fernhill Wetlands on April 7 as reported by Greg Gillson. He photographed a pair there on April 22.

Trudi Stone and Pamela Johnston spotted 6-7 Black-necked Stilts at the Tualatin River NWR on April 27. This is the 10th county record. All reports are in spring, with most reports in mid to late April. [See May and June reports.]

A rare resident pair of Northern Goshawks were observed in courtship flight along Dairy Creek Road by Dennis Manzer on April 14.

Rare, but annual, John Notis' report of 12 Bonaparte's Gulls was a rather high number at Fernhill Wetlands on April 8.

Dennis Manzer spotted a Golden Eagle over Banks on 6 April. This is the 8th known record for the county, the 6th since 2000.

March 2007:

Two Caspian Tern were at Hagg Lake on March 31 as seen by Annette Lange. These are rare annual visitors.

A report was received from Gabrielle Roth of a possible Tricolored Heron along Fanno Creek in Beaverton on March 27. No one was able to verify it. It was reported as an all-dark heron with white underparts and yellow bill. This would be a first county record.

Lars Norgren spotted 9 Wild Turkey at Hayward on March 26, where they have not been detected in 14 years. Greg Gillson spotted 12 in a farmyard in Gaston in December 2006. Both are likely not as "wild" as their name suggests. There are no established populations in Washington County since the dubious "wild" population on Lee Road died out about 2000.

Northern Shrike. Photo by Mike Marsh
Northern Shrike at West Union on 15 March, 2007, by Mike Marsh

A Northern Shrike was at West Union from 14-27 March and seen by Mike Marsh, Greg Gillson, Tim Shelmerdine, David Smith, and Wink Gross. These are occasional winter visitors, not recorded every year (seen on only 44% of Forest Grove CBC's).

Horned Larks are singing along Milne Road between North Plains and Roy. One was seen and heard on March 17 by Lars Norgren. It was though perhaps to be a larger, paler race, not a local breeder. However, three birds were seen and heard March 19, two clearly of the smaller, more colorful, Willamette Valley breeding race (strigata). David Smith spotted one bird at this location on March 31. These are occasional in the county, seen at various times of the year, including summer, but not detected every year (a function of people looking in the right habitat at the right time of year, perhaps). There were only about 6 records from 2000 to 2006. They were not recorded in the county during the spring or summer during the Oregon Breeding Bird Atlas period, 1995-1999.

A single Mountain Chickadee was at Sherwood on 8 March. This sighting by Doug Robberson is the 5th known for the county.

The 11th county record of White-tailed Kite was seen by Lars Norgren north of Forest Grove on 12 March.

The 10th county record of White-tailed Kite was seen by Lars Norgren at West Union on 4 March. The first record was in 1979, all other records are since 1997.

A Slate-colored Junco at Lars Norgren's feeder February 28 and March 2 was only the second one he's recorded in his yeard in 14 years. These are reported rarely, fall through spring, somewhere in the county nearly every year.

A Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull was identified by Greg Gillson on March 4 at Fernhill Wetlands. There are now at least 4 records of this hard-to-identify hybrid gull in the county.

Hybrid Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull (right) with hybrid Glacous-winged x Western Gull. Photo by Greg Gillson
Hybrid Herring x Glaucous-winged Gull (right) with hybrid Glacous-winged x Western Gull (left) at Fernhill Wetlands on 4 March, 2007, by Greg Gillson

February 2007:

Roger Robb spotted two Surf Scoters on Hagg Lake on February 22. This is an occasional winter visitor, not seen every year, but with several sightings over the past two winters.

A Clark's Grebe was noted by Greg Gillson on Hagg Lake on February 19. This is an occasional winter visitor, not seen every year.

Two female/immature Red-breasted Mergansers were seen by Greg Gillson on Hagg Lake on February 19. This is an occasional winter visitor, not seen every year.

Lars Norgren spotted a Red Fox Sparrow at Manning on February 17. This is perhaps the first record of this form within the county.

Greg Gillson noted the hybrid Eurasian x American Green-winged Teal again at Fernhill Wetlands on February 10 (See January highlights).

Greater White-fronted Goose. Photo by Greg Gillson
Greater White-fronted Goose and two hybrid Graylag (domestic) x Canada Geese at Fernhill Wetlands on January 27, 2007, by Greg Gillson
The Greater White-fronted Goose first noted January 26 at Fernhill Wetlands was still associating with the domestic Graylag Goose and hybrid Canada Geese. Greg Gillson saw it again on February 10 and Bill Clemons saw it February 13.

An occasional winter visitor a Red-necked Grebe was at Fernhill Wetlands on February 11 and seen by Lars Norgren and Jon Plissner.

Over 105 Canvasback were at Fernhill Wetlands on February 10, counted by Greg Gillson and noted by many. This is not unprecedented for Washington County, but is a large number for the Willamette Valley.

Lars Norgren saw a single male Greater Scaup on Hagg Lake on February 7. Greg Gillson scoped 2 males on February 19. These birds are rare annual winter visitors, becoming uncommon in some early springs.

A rare resident, Barred Owls began calling behind Lars Norgren's house near Manning beginning on February 8.

January 2007:

Rare in winter, 30 Western Meadowlarks was a large number for the county at Banks on January 30 by Lars Norgren.

Occasional in winter, Lars Norgren spotted a Brown-headed Cowbird at Banks on January 30.

A Hermit Warbler was reported in Beaverton the week ending January 25 (fide Portland RBA hotline). It was evidently with a Townsend's x Hermit Warbler hybrid and other more expected Townsend's Warblers. Hermit Warblers usually arrive in mid April and remain until September. Such occasional winter birds are rare, but not unprecedented in western Oregon, though this may be a first county record for winter.

A flock of 1200 Cackling Goose on 27 January landed briefly on Fernhill Lake, and included a single Snow Goose. This rare annual winter visitor was spotted by Greg Gillson.

Rare in winter, a Greater White-fronted Goose was at Fernhill Wetlands from January 26-29 where it was spotted by John Rakestraw, Lars Norgren, and Greg Gillson. [Remained into February.]

Pure Western Gulls are rare annual winter visitors in the county. John Rakestraw saw one on January 26 at Fernhill Wetlands, and Greg Gillson spotted 2 there on January 27. Hybrid Glaucous-winged x Western Gulls are common in winter and can appear very similar to either parent species.

Hybrid Teal. Photo by Greg Gillson
Hybrid American x Eurasian Green-winged Teal at Fernhill Wetlands on January 27, 2007, by Greg Gillson
A hybrid American x Eurasian Green-winged Teal was at Fernhill Wetlands on 27 January where Greg Gillson was able to get a photograph. Hybrids are more common than pure Eurasian Green-winged Teal (Common Teal). Both are occasional or perhaps rare annual visitors in the county, fall through spring. There are at least 12 records of pure Eurasian Teal from Washington County just in the years 2000-2006. [Same bird seen again in February.]

Lars Norgren spotted a Prairie Falcon near Roy on January 2, and likely the same bird nearby at Banks on January 15. This species is an occasional fall migrant and winter visitor, not expected annually. There are at least 7 previous county records. Dates of sightings range from October to January.

One of the two White-tailed Kites in Patton Valley last December was spotted by Lars Norgren about 2 miles away near Gaston, but in Yamhill County, on January 7. It (or they) may move back into Washington County and should be watched for.

A male and female Cassin's Finch were spotted at Banks on January 15 by Lars Norgren. This is a very rare winter visitor with at least 3 previous reports. Known dates of occurance have been in December and January.

Rainer Weiland spotted a single Redhead at Koll Center Wetlands Park in Beaverton on January 6. This is a rare annual winter visitor. Birds are usually reported only a few times each year from the county. It has been recorded on about 39% of the Forest Grove Christmas Bird Counts. Dates range from October to May.

A Say's Phoebe was spotted near Banks on January 14 by Lars Norgren. This species is occasional in Washington County, not expected annually. There are at least 6 previous reports. Bird records are primarily in early spring (January to March) and rarely fall (September to November).