Yellow-throated Warbler
June 8, 2002
Malheur NWR HQ, Harney Co. Oregon

Photos by David Tracy
Bend, OR


Here's 3 video grabs from this weekend at Malheur HQ. All 3 shots were from
Saturday, 6/8/02. The bird was also present the next morning. I don't
believe it was ever heard vocalizing in the several hours we spent at HQ on
both days.

The completely white supercilium, heavy black on the forehead and bold
streaking on the flanks suggest that the bird was an adult male _D. d.
albilora_. This is the expected subspecies from the western part of the
range which accounts for most records from the Western US. According to the
OFO website, yellow-throated warbler has one previously accpeted Oregon
record (OBRC 663-85-01 Malheur N.W.R., Harney Co., June 9-11, 1985). It has
over 75 records in California. Note the similar dates of both Oregon


David Tracy
Bend, OR