Hooded Warbler found by David Tracy at Hart Mtn. National Antelope Refuge, Lake Co., Oregon on 13 August 2000.

Images captured from Sony Mini DV format tape taken with DCR-PC100 camera shooting through Leica 8 X 32 bins. All images processed through Adobe Photoshop 5. All were cropped to approx. 40-50% full frame and filtered with one sharpening. All had contrast and brightness adjusted between +10 and +20.

Male, or female? You decide.

Subject: details on hooded warbler
From: David Tracy

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 11:45:11 -0700

Date: 8/13/00
Time: ~06:30
Location: Lake Co., Hart Mtn. National Antelope Refuge, Hot Springs area, South end of Bond Cr. C.G.
Species: hooded warbler, adult male

A small bird flys into an aspen near our camp while I was attending to breakfast and morning beverages.

Julia asks (curiously): What's that? Probably another warbling vireo or MacGillivray's (mundanely).

I respond (groggily): Um, lets see. (grabbing my binoculars)

I exclaim (unbelievably): HOLY @%&$!, GET THE C.. CA.. CAMERA, its, Its, ITS a, A, uh, HOODED WARBLER???, or is it a...?

We saw the bird for about 2 minutes at a range of between 20'-50' with good looks. Male, bright plumage, complete cowl, or hood. It was moderately active and foraged in the aspens between 6-12' above the ground around our camp before moving off. Sleeping campers in adjacent sites prevented us from chasing further. I recorded video of the bird through my binocs and afterwards sat down and wrote up a description and sketch.

I notified refuge staff of the sighting, one of the range/bio techs was a birder and was off to see if she could relocate the bird. I would advise folks who may want to chase the bird that it is archery season on Hart Mtn.(for antelope I think). I also noted pretty good turnover of birds from the evening of the 12th and the morning of the 13th with a different mix present each day. I suspect these birds are moving around. It might be worth a try to contact the biologist at headquarters or ask for Jen, the birder who works at headquarters, and see if they have seen the bird.

Full details of the sighting along with sketches and pretty fair video with captures (at least as good as what I've seen of the blue-winged) will be submitted to OBRC. I believe this is the 7th state record, providing there hasn't been a record since the one Crabtree reported in '92 at Malheur Hdqs.

If anyone wants to see the .jpg captures (~40-50Kbytes each), send me a note and I'll email copies. Better yet, if anyone hosting a web page would be willing to set up a link, I'll forward the address.

David Tracy
Bend, OR