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December 2014: Greg Gillson made a long-dreamed move to San Diego, California and dissolved the Oregon corporation, The Bird Guide, Inc. Oregon pelagic birding trips have transitioned to Tim Shelmerdine's new business, Oregon Pelagic Tours!

This page will remain for a while as a portal to the new pelagic site and provide some pelagic trip preparation and history of pelagic trips in Oregon.

Preparation information for various trips

Perpetua Bank & Oregon Seabirds trip preparation material: What to bring and wear, sea sickness prevention, motels, map to charter. Newport Tradewinds, Newport, Oregon.
Oregon Shorebird Festival preparation material: What to bring and wear, sea sickness prevention, motels, map to charter. Betty Kay Charters, Charleston, Oregon.

What is a pelagic trip like?

Virtual Perpetua Bank Pelagic Trip!
Photo trip report from May 2012 Pacific NW Birder blog

Who we are

Your guides: Learn a bit about your seabird guides.
Testimonials: See what your birding friends say about our trips.
Q & A with Greg Gillson Oregonian newspaper blog
Oregon Public Broadcasting: Oregon Field Guide TV spot on our trips (March 1999)
How I got started leading pelagic birding trips from the Birding is Fun! blog

Seabird Status and Distribution

Annotated Checklist & Trip Results Archive: Study the expected birds
Seabird abundance list: printable abundance bar chart from above link
Nearshore birds: Seasonal list of waterbirds expected in the bay and near shore
Oregon Pelagic Checklist: Printable pdf checklist of all Oregon seabirds
Status of Mottled Petrel Oregon Seabirds blog
Status of Scripps's Murrelet Oregon Seabirds blog
Status of Murphy's Petrel Oregon Seabirds blog
Status of Horned Puffin Oregon Seabirds blog
Status of South Polar Skua Pacific NW Birder blog
Rare seabirds of Oregon and the West Coast
Rare seabirds seen on Bird Guide Pelagic Trips
When is the best time to take a West Coast pelagic birding trip?

Seabird Identification

Field Separation of Sooty and Short-tailed Shearwaters... Birding Vol 40, No 2, 2008.
Separation of Sooty and Short-tailed Shearwaters
Identifying Cassin's Auklets Oregon Seabirds blog
Gull ID in the Pacific Northwest Aging and identifying large gulls in the Northwest.
At a distance: Northern Fulmars in flight

Bird finding on land

Central Oregon Coast Birding Guide Find your coastal target birds
Seawatch: seabirds from shore Oregon Seabirds blog
Paradise Birding Steve Shunk can arrange a personal bird guide for you.

Links to other pelagic trip providers

Westport Seabirds Washington State
Shearwater Journeys California
Monterey Seabirds California
Condor Cruises Santa Barbara, California
SoCal Pelagic Birding San Diego, California
Searcher Multi-day trips from San Diego, California
Texas Pelagics
New England Seabirds
See Life Paulagics NY, NJ, DE
Brian Patteson, Inc. Virginia and North Carolina
Louisiana Ornithological Society
Tony Palliser's Pelagic Page Australia
Albatross Encounters New Zealand
Zest for Birds South Africa
Capetown Pelagics South Africa


Your answers are probably on this page, but if you can't find the answer please send an email to Greg Gillson.

Annotated Checklist & Trip Results Archive

What pelagic birds are expected? What have we seen in the past? View our annotated photo checklist that includes a semimonthly seabird abundance bar chart. Plus, there is an archived list of all our previous trip reports.

Oregon Seabirds Blog

Our blog discusses pelagic trip announcements and results, ID, status and distribution articles, and news about West Coast seabirds.

Oregon Sea Bird Photos

Pelagic bird photos from our trips!

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The best seabird book

Steve Howell's reference on tubenosed seabirds: "Petrels, Albatrosses, and Storm-Petrels of North America." Read my Review.

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The powers of flight of the albatrosses are universally recognized as little short of marvelous,
and it is an endless delight to watch them, particularly in a subsiding storm,
sailing on their great wings up one side, over, and down on the other side of a gigantic wave.

Jewett, Taylor, Shaw, and Aldrich
Birds of Washington State (1953)