Testimonials for The Bird Guide, Inc.'s pelagic birding trips

Thanks so much for the wonderful trip today! I think I have 15 new species- my best day ever since I started in 1969. This is my first pelagic trip. I moved here from Illinois three years ago. I really appreciate all the advance work you do.
-- Tim Halloran, Portland, Oregon, December 2012.

Thanks for the checklists and most of all a great trip. I had a great time and appreciate you putting it together.
-- Ken Chamberlain, Portland, Oregon, December 2012.

Thanks again Greg. I had a great time with 8 new life species. Your planned spring and fall deep water trips sound exciting. I don’t know if I can make both of them, but I will be watching your website for information.
-- Bart Butterfield, Boise, Idaho, December 2012.

Thanks for another excellent trip, the terrific guides, and the good looks at the sea birds.
-- Kathleen Moon, Portland, Oregon, October 2012.

Thanks again for an awesome trip! I had such a great time on my first ocean birding adventure :) Thanks for sharing the eBird lists too.
-- Heidi Ware, Boise, Idaho, October 2012.

Super trip. Thank you Greg and thanks to all of the leaders you had on board. You have a terrific combination of skilled help on these trips.
-- Daniel Kearns, Portland, Oregon, October 2012.

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the trip. The guides were all fantastic and you could never beat the weather in October. I have never been on a pelagic trip before and feel I chose the right one to start.... Overall I added 14 birds to my lifetime list and learned a lot about them.
-- Bart Valentine, Portland, Oregon, October 2012.

I wanted to say Thank You to Russ, Tom, and yourself for making the August 25 pelagic out of Charleston a real success. Despite rough seas and early morning fog, you folks worked very well with the Captain of the Betty Kay to minimize the effects of the rough seas, and got us great looks at many super seabirds. From the large Black-footed Albatrosses to the tiny Fork-tailed Storm-petrels you and your fellow guides did a great job getting as many of us on the birds as you could, and keeping us on the birds as long as possible. It was a great experience for me.
-- Jon Benedetti, Vienna, West Virginia, August 2012.

Thank you for another very successful pelagic outing. The sight of that glorious Laysan Albatross made the whole trip worthwhile. Your guides and the boat's crew also were tops. You have done so much for Oregon birding.
-- George Neavoll, Portland, Oregon, October 2011

I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful birding trip...I also wanted to thank Joe who was my "personal" guide as I stood in the bow of the boat between him and David. He spent so much time explaining to me how to distinguish between some of the different birds and their different flight patterns and markings. When I would forget he would patiently explain everything again.
-- Shannon Diez, Portland, Oregon, October 2011

Carol and I sure enjoyed the trip today. You and the other guide were great. We saw many life birds on this, our first pelagic trip. Thanks so much.
-- Larry Dole, Alton Bay, New Hamshire, September 2011.

I very much enjoyed the trip. The captain did a great job dealing with difficult seas--of course, since I don't get seasick, that's easy for me to say; others might not agree! I really appreciate that you had so many guides; and that all of them were so knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely recommend your trip to my friends.
-- Tonnie Cummings, Vancouver, Washington, September 2011.

Bev and I wanted to express our appreciation for your efforts in organizing the Sept 10 pelagic trip. It was truly amazing to experience those rare and unique birds. Despite the fact that I spent quite a while closely focused on the wake of the boat, we both thought is was a memorable trip. As you might guess, we don’t have many pelagic birds in the desert and Bev added 21 birds to her life list. We hope to see you again on another pelagic trip.
-- Robert and Bev Brooks, Kingman, Arizona, September 2011.

Thank you, Greg, for a wonderful trip. It is the first of its kind that Eli and I have been on, and we really enjoyed it: the birds, the open ocean, the sky, the whales, the company of birdwatchers...and we didn't get seasick which was a big plus! I will be savoring the experience for days, I know. Probably more! I am thinking about the geometry of birds: how you recognize shapes and angles and motions of curves from far away. I love this! I keep imagining the necklines of loons and cormorants and the wing angles of shearwaters, and the bulk of fulmars. I'm glad we got to hear the murres and chicks--most of the pelagic birds seem pretty taciturn. I suppose with hours of flying alone, you get used to quiet... I have to admit, too, that I have always wanted to witness breaching whales. I didn't really expect I ever would. These were so beyond my imaginings! HUGE cavorting.
-- Kelly Terwilliger, October 2010.

Despite my best efforts, I got very sea sick on the trip. I think that I "chummed" for 4 out of the 5 hours. Being very careful about what I ate in the previous 24 hours, the sea band, ginger, rice cakes, and positive thinking didn't help at all. But I'm writing not to complain, but to tell you how helpful the guides were. I didn't have a chance to talk with Tom, but Russ, Tim, and Shawneen were great. They not only identified the birds, but explained what to look for and shared information about the birds. In addition, Russ did all he could to help me with my seasickness by getting things for me from the cabin when I couldn't move and even sharing his own supplies. You couldn't control the seas and my stomach, but the things that you could influence couldn't have been better. Maybe in a few years I'll even try another pelagic trip. Thanks for organizing a good trip.
-- Shelley, September 2010.

We went on the pelagic trip this morning and would like to say thanks. Even though I got a little sick - we both had a great time. It was definitely worth it and really great to see some of the birds you never have a chance to see from the shore.
-- Suzy and Bret, July 2010.

Jim and I had a GREAT trip with you...9 Lifers for us.... We loved all our time in Oregon... Your trip was the best palagic ever because of so many birds of each species...All the leaders and other birders were so very helpful.
-- Joan C. Clapp, September 2009

Thanks for this report Greg. I had a wonderful time. The guides were tremendous. This was my first trip to the Northwest for birding so I added 26 species on the pelagic trip and another 8 on Sunday. Thanks so much.
-- Bob Kuzman, September 2009.

Thanks Greg! What a great trip. Have been wanting to join you for a while now. Didn't realize a Manx had been seen!!! Maybe I will get one next time. I did manage 5 lifers and added SP Skua to my North American list. All your guides were awesome by the way... and besides a little seasickness, Jennifer and I had a great time. Thanks again!!
-- Amy Hammond, September 2009.

Thanks for putting such a great trip together! This was my first pelagic trip and you really got us out to see the birds! Of course the other sea life was great too. The guides did a wonderful job of pointing out the different birds and answering all our questions. I'm hooked - I'll be signing up for another trip in the future!
-- Millie Scott, September 2009.

Great trip, and you guys were the best, calling out things so loudly and helping everyone. Beside getting my lifer Manx Shearwater (David, you were awesome ) on this trip, I talked to some out-of-staters who were very impressed with how your trip was run, the guides efforts, the organization to keep on birds etc. New Yorkers, Kentuckians etc were happy and said it was a great trip. Also our brand new Bend birder got TWENTY lifers on Saturday and was just thrilled. Just let the ECBC know when you need anything promoted! we are your fans!
--Judy Meredith, Bend, Oregon, September 2009.

I would like to talke this opportunity to say thank you for the recent pelagic I went on and also for the preceeding two I did earlier. When the trip is over I am in general so tiered and stiff I do not express the graditude for the trip that is deserved. In addition to seeing a number of new birds out there, I also enjoyed watching you and others being able to identify the birds at such distance and while they were flying. It was a pleasure to try to do it myself and while I think I got a bit of the hang of it I still consider myself a good way from being proficient. Nevertheless I think I was able to spot and id a few fulmars etc on my own. I also enjoyed being with a group that had expertise and energy to be totally envolved. Thanks again for making it possible.
--Bob Rodgers, February 2009.

Sharon and I would again like to say thank you, to you, Tim, and the rest of the crew for a wonderful trip. The water's were rough, from a physical standpoint it was harsh to say the least, from a birding perspective it was awesome. Sharon and I would not hesitate to go on another pelagic trip with you or the crew. Please keep us informed on others you may be contemplating. Hell, It only 3,000 miles to Pacific coast.
--Chuck and Sharon Allyson, September 2008

Thank you Greg for running such a great pelagic trip! Your trip leaders are really on top of the birds. Tim Shelmerdine not only is the good birder but has the great voice and can be heard round the boat-no need for a pa sysyem. I know central Oregon birders enjoy a nice smooth pelagic trip weekend to break up the everyday life on the high desert! Always a pleasure birding with you.
--Dean Hale, Oregon, March 2008.

A belated "thanks" for the trip summary and also for leading such a fun trip. This was at least my 9th pelagic venture.
--Bob Burgett, Columbus, Ohio, October 2007.

Thanks for another excellent pelagic trip. This is my third or forth with you and the last two were more or less perfect weather so I guess I was due for some “fun” :=)
--Don, October 2007.

I wanted to take a second and say thank you for your help and knowledge on the pelagic trip. Its always fun to be around knowledgable people while birding. I totalled 25 lifers for the trip, and was able to obtain 10 more before I arrived back on the eastern side of the mountains.
--David Schas (17), Powell Butte, Oregon, November 2006.

All of us from Idaho had a great trip. Thank you and the guides for making it so, your approach to the situation, coupled with awesome birding, made for a very high quality experience.
-- Kent Fothergill, Kimberly, Idaho, October 2006.

Thank you for the trip report and the photos - it is a great service and a nice touch for you to do so!!!
--Bob Danley, Lolo, Montana, October 2006.

We had a great time, everyone was so knowledgeable and helpful to us land birders from Arizona. Your trip gave me 5 lifers and I was pleased to get very good views of them thank to the expertise of several folks.
-- Peggy Smith, Arizona, October 2006.

I wanted to send you another thanks for a truly amazing trip. After driving all nigt from Idaho and catching only 1 fitful hour of sleep I was able to get 18 lifers on saturday and 1 on sunday. I will definately not make this my last trip.
-- Zeke Watkins, Kimberly, Idaho, October 2006.

I have no photos, but I've got great memories. This was the best actual guided pelagic I've taken. (I've had a lot of fun on a few ferry rides...) I appreciated the friendly crew, the varied route, and the light touch of the guides.
-- Pam Johnston, October 2006.

I want to thank you and the rest of the crew for a wonderful trip out on the Misty in Newport. The trip was enjoyable and rewarding and I appreciated your efforts and ease of coordinating the information with a group of that size. Also, the list and accompanying photos were especially nice and well received by all. Thanks again for the professionalism and concerns for the needs of all on board.
-- Conrad Willet, October 2006

I enjoyed our trip to Perpetua Bank so much - not only the birds, but the camaraderie and the excitement of the chase. Yes, I came back with 10 additions to my Life List.... Troy and Tim were just terrific in helping with the bird IDs, and I liked the way you pointed out distinguishing characteristics while the birds were at hand....It literally was the trip of a lifetime for me, and I always will be grateful for the opportunity it provided. THANK YOU for making it all possible.
-- George Neavoll, Portland, Maine, August 2006.

Have you thought about raising your rates? Debi Shearwater charges more for her Bodega Bay and Fort Bragg trips. Your trip was better! Your leaders were excellent - both calling the sightings and making sure we got on them. Also I felt that each of you really cared that we had a great trip. I was so very impressed with all of you!!!
-- Carol Fegarido, Chattanooga, Tennessee, August 2006.

On the Utah birding list:
Hi All, I thought I'd put this out because I know there are several who have mentioned interest in going on pelagic birding trips. I went on a trip with Greg Gillson, "The Bird Guide", off Newport, Oregon on March 18th. I was birding along the coast[another story] and met a couple of other birders who were going. They said it wasn't full so I made last minute arrangements to go. It was an "out-of-this-world" outting. It was luckily timed just right, between storms and rough seas, and we had a relatively smooth , by winter Oregon standards, ocean. Amazingly, we got three species of Albatross; Black-footed, Laysan, and the real rarity, Short-tailed. Other pelagics included; Short-tailed Shearwater, Fork-tailed Storm Petrel, Northern Fulmar, Cassins and Rhinocerous Auklet, Black-legged Kittiwake and others. Greg has a number of pelagic trips scheduled in the spring and fall each year. I would highly reccomend him.
--Dennis Shirley, Elk Ridge, Utah, March 2006.

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your trip on March 18th. Your expertise and thoroughness was very apparent.
-- Dennis Shirley, Elk Ridge, Utah, March 2006.

I didn't get a chance to thank you for all the birding tips you gave me and the sightings you made. I was in a hurry because I wanted a better look at the Rock Sandpiper. I left and went straight to the south jetty and 5 minutes before the sun went down I had a perfect view from 10 feet! On the boat trip I had 3 life birds and 3 life mammals and learned a lot. From the jetty I watched the sun set and saw the most brilliant green flash I have ever seen. A perfect ending to a perfect day.
-- Whit Bronaugh, Eugene, November 2005.

We enjoyed the trip greatly! Steve's energy and enthusiasm were remarkable, and the captain's ability to get us out birding even on rocky seas were appreciated. We were impressed by the variety and numbers of birds even on such a short trip. I'm pleased to see you'll continue to offer trips at the Shorebird Festival. We hope to be able to join you next year!
-- Ashley, September 2005

You did a super job on putting the boat trip together - your the best!! Thanks ever so much for making the trip possible. And I want to thank you also for telling me several times over the years I need to one of your trips - it finally worked and I enjoyed every minute and would do it again.
-- Carol Karlen, McMinneville, Oregon, July 2005

This is just a short note to say how much we enjoyed the Pelagic trip out of Charleston this last Saturday! Please put us on your emailing list so that we might take advantage of another trip as our schedule permits.
-- Diane and Dave Bilderback, September 2004.

It was a most enjoyable trip;... it was the best pelagic I have ever been on.
-- Gwyneth Ragosine, President, Rogue Valley Audubon Society, July 2003

Thank you... for a great pelagic trip. I think you run the trip very well from beginning to end and keep us well informed.... I also feel that you do the best job of describing the characteristics of the birds and showing us how to identify different species.
-- A. T., June 2003

Thank you for the post trip service - a comprehensive report on top of a very enjoyable trip was a GREAT bonus.... The organization and professional way all of you covered so many bases was really impressive, and it was a pleasure to meet you and your team of sea bird wizzes! And all that, before I even mention the wealth of oceanic wildlife you led us to!...to have found that processor ship trailing its huge wake of birds was truly a birder's dream - one I shan't forget. Thank you very much for a memorable day!
--J.W., August 2001

THANK YOU !! P. and I had the best time. The birds were awesome and the leaders on the trip were enthusiastic, kind, and very courteous.
-- P. & D. K., May 2001

What a great Albatross day!!!!!! I can' t tell you how many trips I have taken hoping for Laysan and then to get the bonus Short-tailed was just incredible. Thanks for putting the trips together.... Tim was great, full of energy, helping people and good with announcements. Tom Snetsinger was... full of knowledge.
-- Judy Meredith, March 2001

Thanks so much for the trip report! Your thorough and prompt report is another example of how well organized and executed your operation is. I really enjoyed the trip and was delighted to get such great lifers, the Laysan Albatross and South Polar Skua. You and Matt and Tom were very helpful...Our group hopes to make a trip... to join you on your pelagic trip an annual event.
-- K.S., October 2000

Thanks again for what must surely have been a world class pelagic trip. I did enjoy it tremendously.
-- D.D., October 2000

Thanks for the great trip. You guys are a real pleasure. I sent my daughter the trip list and told her to take your trip.
-- A., October 2000

Thanks for the trip report, and THANK YOU!!!!! for a great trip! We had a blast! Great birds! Great weather! Great guides!
-- R.C., October 2000

We want to thank you again for the wonderful ocean trip we took with you. We greatly appreciate your knowledge of the birds, and your care for your clients.
-- R.P., September 2000

L. and I had a wonderful time yesterday. I tallied 10 lifers.... It was a beautiful day, and you were a great guide.
-- D.A., September 2000

It was a fabulous trip, and we'll never forget the magnificent Laysan Albatross. We feel exuberant. [We] were very impressed by the help on this pelagic trip... we were able to spot and learn so much more. The level of enthusiasm... was so glorious, and puts your pelagic trip on top of any we've ever taken.
-- B. and K., October 1999

What an amazing adventure last Saturday was! Thank you so much. I had an incredible time. It was worth the heaving!
-- J. Udvardy, June 1998