September 5, 2005
Winchester Bay Pelagic trip to:
South end of Heceta Bank and deep water to 50 miles offshore

Above: 37-foot Sydney Mae in September 2004. After a year of anticipation, our trip is set...

Above: Anne Heyerly anticipating the day as we depart from Winchester Bay.

Above: Front to rear: Paul Sherrell, David Shackleford, Fred Chancy.

Above: Dan Heyerly.

Above: An amazingly calm day with glassy seas.

Above: View from the flying bridge as we zipped out to sea at 18+ knots.

Above: Captian Rich Oba and deck hand John.

Above: Birding from the stern below.

Above: Scanning ahead for birds from the flying bridge.

Above: The view behind from the flying bridge.

Above: Fred scans for any birds following in our wake.

Species list at sea:
5 September 2005
South end of Heceta Bank and deep water to 50 miles offshore

Seabird numbers down from previous years as Captain Oba said. Very poor ocean 
conditions all summer: few fish, few birds. We were surprised at the few 
albatrosses and no fork-tailed storm-petrels. There weren't even any gulls 
offshore, except for a few Sabine's Gulls being chased mercilessly by the 
jaegers. Nevertheless, we had great seas and explored several new areas. 
Buller's Shearwater was a life bird for David and South Polar Skua was 
ABA #600 for Dan.

Surf Scoter 8
White-winged Scoter 10
Common Loon 1
Black-footed Albatross 20
Northern Fulmar 12
Sooty Shearwater 30
Pink-footed Shearwater 15
Buller's Shearwater 120
Red-necked Phalarope 150
Red Phalarope 1
South Polar Skua 1
Pomarine Jaeger 8
Parasitic Jaeger 15
Long-tailed Jaeger 10
Western Gull 3
Sabine's Gull 20
Common Murre 8 (3 chicks)
Pigeon Guillemot 1
Rhinoceros Auklet 8
Tufted Puffin 3

Humpback Whale 3
Orca 2
Steller's Sea Lion 5
Harbor Seal 3
Harbor Porpoise 4
Dall's Porpoise 2
Blue Shark 1
Ocean Sunfish 6+