Pelagic trip report:
Saturday, July 7, 2001
Newport, Oregon, to Yaquina Head and offshore 24 miles

Another pleasant day on the ocean. Low numbers of the expected species on this short introductory seabird tour. No noticeable migrations of any species. Murres were shuttling fish to the Yaquina Head seabird colony in a constant stream to feed nestlings.

We passed many salmon trawlers and sport vessels and finally encountered one dragger close in at 24 miles, where we chummed.

Approximate numbers at sea:
10  Black-footed Albatross
20  Northern Fulmar
160 Sooty Shearwater
7   Pink-footed Shearwater
4   Double-crested Cormorant
35  Brandt's Cormorant
7   Pelagic Cormorant
25  Western Gull
350 Common Murre
35  Pigeon Guillemot
2   Marbled Murrelet
4   Cassin's Auklet
1   Rhinoceros Auklet

2   Gray Whale
3   Dall's Porpoise
1   Harbor Seal

Additional in bay:
Great Blue Heron
Mew Gull
Rock Dove
European Starling
American Crow

California Sea Lion