Pelagic trip report:
Sunday, May 6, 2001
Newport, Oregon to Daisy Bank

Despite the threat of high winds in the forecast, we had a very beautiful, calm, morning! Too nice, in fact. The waters at our chum point, 17 miles off shore from Yaquina Head were dead. We've never before had a chum stop with ZERO birds! With no wind our fish oil slick scent didn't carry, and no seabirds were soaring. Nevertheless, we had good views of nearshore birds. Many participants joined us for shorebird watching behind the Marine Science Center after the trip. Thanks to Tom Snetsinger for keeping a running tally of birds during the trip.

Yaquina Bay to Yaquina Head
12   Common Loon
14   Pacific Loon
1    Western Grebe
50   Brandt's Cormorant
80   Pelagic Cormorant
10   Surf Scoter
5    Bufflehead
35   Dunlin
1    Osprey
2    Black Turnstone
1    Sanderling
30   Western Sandpiper
105  Red-necked Phalarope
66   Bonaparte's Gull
2    Herring Gull
40   Western Gull
5    Glaucous-winged Gull
2    tern (sp.)
1566 Common Murre
80   Pigeon Guillemot
4    Marbled Murrelet
15   Rock Dove
2    Violet-green Swallow
5    American Crow
1    Common Raven
15   European Starling

15   California Sea Lion
1    Gray Whale

Trip out to 17 miles 12 Pacific Loon 3 Northern Fulmar 206 Sooty Shearwater 3 Pink-footed Shearwater 57 Red-necked Phalarope 1 Red Phalarope 4 Bonaparte's Gull 1 Herring Gull 36 Western Gull 147 Common Murre 9 Rhinoceros Auklet