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Pelagic birding trips. Happy birders enjoying smooth seas on these unique Oregon nature tours.
Pelagic birds: albatrosses at arm's length on nearly every trip!
Guided bird tours: pointing out the birds.
Pelagic seabirds such as this South Polar Skua are regular in fall. Oregon's scenic coastline is a highlight of our pelagic trips.

Oregon pelagic birding trips

The Bird Guide, Inc., led guided ocean bird watching tours off the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast from 1994-2014, a total of 21 years!

Greg Gillson, President of The Bird Guide, Inc., moved to San Diego and he helped long-time guide, Tim Shelmerdine set up a new Oregon pelagic birding trip company in 2014:
Oregon Pelagic Tours.

Please visit that site for your pelagic trip!

"Oregon's pelagic waters can support some of the most spectacular concentrations of seabirds in the world."
- - - - - -
Peter Pyle. 2006.
North American Birds, Vol 60(1).

Few people realize that there is a whole new world of strange and wonderful birds just a few miles off shore of Oregon's beaches. The pelagic birds here rarely approach land, except at their remote and isolated breeding locations scattered around the entire Pacific Ocean. An organized pelagic trip is the best way to see these marvelous Oregon seabirds.

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Greg Gillson


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Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels are regularly spotted on our pelagic trips.
Best pelagic trip memories: Moments after seeing their lifer Short-tailed Albatross!
Winter and spring seabird: Laysan Albatross.
Helpful pelagic guides are there to help you spot your target species on these pelagic bird tours!
Humpback whales are frequent on our pelagic birding trips!

At length did cross an Albatross, Through the fog it came;...
It ate the food it ne'er had eat, And round and round it flew.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (1797)