I wasn't really prepared to take pictures when this group of wigeon showed up. I just
held the camera up to the eyepiece on the scope and fired off a shot. I did everything
"wrong." I shot on full Auto mode, rather than choosing better exposure settings. And
I hand-held the camera, rather than attaching it firmly to the scope. In Auto mode the
camera selected brightness based on the water as a whole. Without a firm attachment
to the scope, the camera movement cause a slightly blurry focus--especially in the
dark overcast December skies.

Original (scaled down from 1600 x 1200) out of camera.

Cropped, sharpened, brightened, and increased contrast so ducks would be better.
However, water is way over exposed and highlights blown out (to pure white).
Though, improved, I don't really care for this result, either.

UPDATE: June 18, 2003:

Using levels in Adobe Photoshop Elements saved this poorly exposed, out-of-focus,
dud from the trash. Levels allows you to adjust highlights, shadows, or mid-tones
independently. That's just what this photo needed! (Well, that, and a bit more sharpening,
and a color-cast correction to make the water less yellow.)