Subject: It's ready! Oregon's Breeding Bird Atlas
From: "paul adamus"
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 08:45:22 -0800

With pleasure we announce the release of the CD-ROM for the Oregon Breeding Bird Atlas Project. This CD is the culmination of 8 years of diligent efforts by many of you who participated in the 5-year project, the largest wildlife survey in Oregon's history. We are hoping this CD represents a milestone in Oregon ornithology and an innovative way of communicating biodiversity data. Here's why you should purchase the CD:

1. All the profits will support research on distribution of Oregon birds, under a small grants program administered by Oregon Field Ornithologists (OFO), your statewide birders organization.

2. The easy-to-use CD contains many times the amount of cross-referenced information and detailed illustrations than could be published in a book of comparable cost.

3. The CD is the sole product of the project. Most of the information will not be published, at least in the near term, in book format.

4. The interactive CD includes:
-- Color maps of 275 species believed to nest in Oregon, at 3 map scales. These are the largest detailed maps of Oregon species distributions available from any source. At the finest scale, many roads and streams are also shown. Roads covered by project volunteers are highlighted.
-- Color maps of habitat suitable for each species, at 2 map scales.
-- Color photos of 60+ habitats, a list of species most likely to occur in each, and map of statewide distribution of the habitat.
-- Narratives summarizing each species' distribution, its detectability, acreage of possible habitat statewide, and a description of what we still need to learn about its distribution.
-- Lists of species you're likely to find during summer in each of 844 areas in Oregon. This is especially useful for county listers.
-- Lists of species that should be searched for in each of 844 areas because habitat may be suitable but their occurrence has not yet been detected.
-- A list of all people who participated in the project.
-- A calendar of each species' breeding period based on project data.
-- Photos of all species, most by Oregon photographers.
-- The complete atlas database of over 120,000 records, describing who reported a species from each area, what breeding evidence they found, and (sometimes) when they found it.
-- For each of 430 areas: data tabulated from other sources describing climate (April through July), geology, soils, and geographic place names.
-- Detailed tabulation of results and sophisticated statistical analyses of species-habitat relationships at a statewide (landscape) scale, for most species.
-- A narrative useful to future project organizers, describing the project's history, how it was administered, field methods, and data analysis methods.
-- Complete results of the Lane County Breeding Bird Atlas Project, with maps showing locations where each species was detected in Lane County, 1983-1986 breeding seasons.
-- A numerical database of life history characteristics of many species, from review of technical literature.
-- Lists of species, and numbers of each, found along each Breeding Bird Survey route in Oregon, 1968-1999, accessed by clicking on a map showing all the routes.

The CD works on either a PC or MacIntosh. All you need is an internet browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. You don't need an internet connection. We have no plans to post all the CD's content on a web site.

Prices for the CD are:
$20.00 if you contributed any observations to the atlas project, or you are currently a member of OFO.
$25.00 if neither of the above.

Please make the check payable to Oregon Field Ornithologists and send to: OFO, P.O. Box 10373, Eugene, OR 97440. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. If you also would like to join OFO, send an additional $25 to the same address, indicating what portion is for membership and which for the CD.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Thank you!

Paul Adamus (Coordinator) and the Project Steering Committee
Oregon Breeding Bird Atlas Project