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  Join an exciting guided birdwatching tour at sea! Travel 25-60 miles offshore to see albatrosses and dozens of other bird species not viewable from shore.
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Don's Spotting Scopes Review site covers digiscoping and other birding tips


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  Oregon Seabirds
Oregon Pelagic Trips (The Bird Guide's old site)
Oregon Seabirds Blog (inactive)

  The Bird Guide's Original Identification Articles
Dowitcher ID
Fox Sparrow ID subspecies
Gull ID in Pacific NW
Field Separation of Sooty and Short-tailed Shearwaters off the West Coast of North America Birding Vol 40, No 2, 2008.
Hybrid American x Eurasian Green-winged Teal
Common yard birds of western Oregon

  Site Guides
Central Oregon Coast Birding Guide (August 2011)
Tualatin Hills Nature Park, Oregon (November 2007)
Timber, Oregon (June 2007)
Hagg Lake, Oregon (April 2007)
Tualatin River NWR, Oregon (June 2006)
Josephine County, Oregon (July 2002)

  County listing
Birding Washington County, Oregon portal to county birding
Annotated Checklist Washington County, Oregon
2012 Washington County Bird Highlights
Birds of Linn County, Oregon (1825-2000) annotated checklist
Birds of Linn County, Oregon condensed checklist

  Birding Techniques

Learn about Pacific NW Birds!
  View bird photos and learn more about birds and bird watching in the Pacific Northwest. Check out the Pacific NW Birder blog!

  Oregon Birding
Oregon Birding Association
Oregon Rare Bird Photo Archive
East Cascades Audubon Society
Birding Oregon site guides
Oregon Birding Trail
Willamalane Birding Trail
Paradise Birding Guided tours
Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve
Bird Guide Pelagic Trips
Portland Area Birds email list

  Washington Birding
Washington Ornithological Society
Bird Web Seattle Audubon's guide to the birds of Washington
Birding & Ecological sites in Cascadia

  Idaho Birding
Idaho Birds
Idaho Birding Trail
Idaho Bird distribution

  British Columbia Birding
British Columbia Field Ornithologists
Birding B.C.
Birding & Ecolologica sites in Cascadia

  California Birding
Western Field Ornithologists
Joe Morlan: California birding
Don Roberson: Birding Monterey

  Birding Equipment
Spotting Scope Reviews and Ratings

  Selected Birding Blogs
Pacific NW Birder
Oregon Seabirds
Rich Ditch's Photography Blog
Mike Patterson: North Coast Diaries
John Rakestraw
ABA blog
Cornell blog

  Other birding resources
American Birding Association
National Audubon Society
Christmas Bird Count searchable archive
USGS: Bird Banding Laboratory reporting banded or tagged birds
Jack Siler: Birding on the Net
Tina MacDonald: Birding Hotspots
Virtual Birder
SORA Searchable Ornithological Research Archive
Surfbirds international birding site
Fatbirder world birding links

  Online Field Guides
AllAboutBirds Cornell Lab of Ornithology the original online field guide
WhatBird featuring iBird
BirdFellow Social field guide

Greg's Photo Album
  Greg Gillson's Photo Checklist of Oregon Birds has over 325 species!

He has added hundreds of San Diego County bird photos since moving there in September 2013!